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Business Simplified works with small start-up businesses to get them online and growing as quickly and affordably as possible.

Our Services.

We know that as a start-up, getting new customers is as important as it gets. We are committed to making sure that every visitor to your site sees your business in the professional light that it deserves. Far too often start-ups neglect business image at the cost of looking unprofessional, but at Business Simplified we make sure that the high quality of your product or service is reflected by your website and online presence. We do this in a number of ways:

Simple, Clean and Modern Design.

Visitors will often judge the quality of your product or service by the quality of your website. That's why at Business Simplified we make sure your website had a Simple, Clean and Modern design, in addition to accurately portaying your business. This means that potential customers get the right impression, and see your awesome business for what it is.

Fully Responsive.

A quick and responsive website is important so that your visitors, aren’t kept waiting or even worse, tempted to leave. We use up-to-date techniques to make sure your site is super-fast, so that you don't ever lose out on a customer. In addition to speed, all our sites are cross-platform compatible, meaning that in an ever mobile age of smartphones and tablets customers can always see what you have to offer them.

Cross-Browser Compatible.

Gone are the times of universal use of Internet Explorer, with the vast majority of people using browsers like Chrome or Firefox. We make sure that your content is viewable on all browsers, so again, like our cross-platform compatibility, you never miss out on a potential customer.

Video Support.

Videos are a great way of getting your product across in an exciting and engaging way. It's important that if you have a video to showcase your product or service, that it fits in nicely to your site. We make sure that this is always the case, and since all of our sites are fast and responsive, there's no worry of waiting for the video to buffer, which can tempt your customers to leave.

Pricing Tables.

Our sites come with a monthly fee for hosting, this covers your hosting, email system and any updates of changes you want made to your website. The sites also have a one off payment which covers the design of the website itself.


£200 £0 per month

  • No Hosting


£200 £5 per month

  • Fast Hosting
  • Email Accounts


£250 £15 per month

  • Fast Hosting
  • Online Payments
  • Email Accounts


£300 £25 per month

  • Fast Hosting
  • Online Payments
  • User Account System
  • Email Accounts

Get Hosting.

25% Student Start-up Discount.

We understand that starting a business as a student can be difficult, so we will offer you a 25% discount. Just let us know when you email us.

Our Work.

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